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Current events


October 2006: Grid eXplorer days

October 12th and 13th, IDRIS, Orsay. Grid eXplorer users will present their lastest research results obtained with the Grid eXplorer platform.

Forthcoming events

October 2006: Journées Grid'5000 à Lille

October 30th and 31th, Grid'5000 Lille site's days will take place in USTL campus, Villeneuve d'Ascq. Project/platform presentations and tutorials will be proposed.

SuperComputing 2006

November 2006: SC'06

SuperComputing 2006 will take place in Tampa, Florida (USA) from November 11th to 17th.

November 2006: Paristic 2006

The 2006's edition of Parsitic will be hosted by the LORIA in Nancy, from November 22th to 24th.

PlugTest 2006

November 2006: PlugTest 2006

GRIDS@work: CoreGRID Conference, Grid Plugtests and Contest will take place in ETSI Headquarters, Sophia-Antipolis from November, 27th to December, 1st.


January 2007: EGO-2006

The Operational Grids winter School will take place in Rouen (France) in January 2007. Grid'5000 will provide the grid platform and the assistance staff during the event.

Past events

I-Explosion Project

August-September 2006: Grid@5000@Titech

After Franck Cappello's visit to Tokyo Institute of Technology, Grid'5000 was presented during the I-Explosion project workshop.

June 2006: Grid'5000 Workshop

The event will take place in Paris (France) in conjunction with HPDC'2006.

More information at IEEE HPDC'2006

March 2006: Grid'5000 Spring School

The event took place in Grenoble (France) between March 6th and March 10th 2006.

More information on Grid5000:School2006

December 2005: ANR projects & Grid'5000

December 10th, 2005: Three of the accepted ANR projects (CIGC call) will use Grid'5000 as their research infrastructure.

December 2005: Grid'5000 helped solving the 'flow-shop scheduling' problem

December 9th, 2005: The Dolphin Team From LIFL and INRIA Futurs solved (exact solution) the flow-shop scheduling problem for the instance of 50 Jobs on 20 machines. More than 800 CPUs of Grid'5000 were used for solving this problem out of a total of 1200 CPUs. More details on the Flow-shop contest page.

November 2005: Grid'5000 @ Paristic

Grid'5000 was presented at Paristic conference. The event took place in Bordeaux (France) between November 21th and November 23th 2005

SuperComputing 2005

November 2005: Grid'5000 @ SC2005

Grid'5000 was exposed at SuperComputing 2005 conference. The conference took place in Seattle Washington State Convention Centre, between November 14th and November 18th 2005, booth #1122.

November 2005: Grid'5000 @ Grid'2005

Grid'5000 was presented at Grid'2005 workshop. The workshop took place in Seattle Washington State Convention Centre, between November 13th and November 14th 2005, boot

October 2005: 2nd PlugTest

Grid'5000 provided one of the core grid platforms used by the 2nd PlugTest experiments between October 10th and October 14th 2005.

October 2005: Inauguration Toulouse

Toulouse Grid'5000 platform launch gate on October 13th 2005.

September 2005: Inauguration Sophia

Sophia Grid'5000 platform launch gate on September 30th 2005.