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List of practical sessions

  • API main practical: Submission, deployment (Cyril Rohr)
    • Depends: deploiement of OAR 2.4; tagging of a stable version of the API
  • monitoring API, metrologie API (Cyril Rohr)
    • cf API
  • Metroflux usage (Armel Soro)
    • Depends : debugging of current installation, update to handle Grid job IDs
  • MPI usage (Emmanuel Jeannot)
    • No known dependencies
  • MPI deploiement (Nicolas Niclausse)
    • dependencies:
      • MPI on high performance networks on default images ?
      • new reference image including openMPI in the big version, workingon parapide and suno
  • KVlan (Nicolas Nicclausse)
  • OAR (Romain Cavagna)
  • User contributed
    • BSD ? Depends g5kparts, boot of a virtual machine with 3rd partition as harddrive and ISO as boot device
    • Hadoop ?
  • Xen (Philippe Robert)
    • Depends: revised version of omapi-proxy and extension to KVM ?
  • Kadeploy (to be assigned)
  • Understanding Grid'5000 (to be confirmed)