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(Call for participation)
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{{Author|David Margery}}
{{Author|David Margery}}
To be held in Rennes, April 23rd.
To be held in Rennes, April 23rd 2012.
== Call for participation ==
== Call for participation ==

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To be held in Rennes, April 23rd 2012.

Call for participation

Dear all,

It is my pleasure to invite Grid'5000 users to a half day workshop in
Rennes on April 23rd, 2012, followed by an optional 2 days coding camp
for all Grid'5000 users working on the deployment of open source Iaas
stacks (OpenNebula, Nimbus, OpenStack, ..).

During the coding camp on the following days, participants will be able to
start collaborating on consolidating their tools. It is expected that people
participating in the coding camp are allowed to contribute to a common
code-base in a Cecill-B license (the one available to the Grid'5000 technical
team to share code with users)T.

The dates of this event are April 23rd - April 25th, and the event 
would be held in Rennes. Details will follow on [2]

The workshop part will have people present what they their scripts 
achieve and how they work, and be concluded by identifying collaboration

The coding camp on the following days would have people start collaborating. 

Interested participants should register with David Margery by mail, with a
talk title and a brief description on their current work to deploy IaaS 
stacks on Grid'5000. This description should include the stacks they
deploy, the number of physical nodes aggregated in the deployment and 
typical deployment time. We expect to be able to host all proposers, 
and will draft a schedule on April 6th 2012. Should we be overwhelmed 
by registrations, we will discuss options with proposers (extend the 
workshop to Tuesday morning - organize a selection)


David Margery
[1] http://www.cecill.info/
[2] https://www.grid5000.fr/mediawiki/index.php/IaaS_on_Grid%275000_Workshop_-_2012


April 23rd

Meeting to be held in Lipari Room at Inria - Rennes 13h30 -14h : welcome 14h- 17h30 : presentations on current work

April 24th - April 25th

9h - 18h : Coding camp


Please register to David Margery as room planned has limited capacity.