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File:UL LOGO.jpg|thumbnail|250px|right|Université de Lorraine
File:UL LOGO.jpg|thumbnail|300px|right|Université de Lorraine
File:Logo loria complet.jpg|thumbnail|250px|right|LORIA
File:Logo loria complet.jpg|thumbnail|300px|right|LORIA
File:Region-grand-est.jpg|thumbnail|right|Région Grand Est
File:Region-grand-est.jpg|thumbnail|300px|right|Région Grand Est

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The Nancy Grid'5000 site is hosted at LORIA and Inria Nancy Grand-Est.

Details about Nancy site:

  • Hardware: available hardware and their description
  • Network: site network topology
  • External access: additional way to access local resources
  • People: contact points for the site (see Support for more information about how to report problems)

Resources status for Nancy site (see Status for the global Grid'5000 status):

The Nancy site also hosts several production clusters. See Nancy:Production for more information.