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! Name !! Institute/Laboratory !! Role
! Name !! Institute/Laboratory !! Role
|-{{Template:Public contact CP2|Eric Horlait|Inria|President, with Luc Saccavini as Deputy|}}
|-{{Template:Public contact CP2|François Cuny|Inria|President, with David Margery as Deputy|}}
|-{{Template:Public contact CP2|Michel Daydé|CNRS|}}
|-{{Template:Public contact CP2|Michel Daydé|CNRS|}}
|-{{Template:Public contact CP2|Patrick Donath|Renater|}}
|-{{Template:Public contact CP2|Patrick Donath|Renater|}}

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To join the team, please refer to Open Positions.

Contact points:

The Grid'5000 testbed is managed by a Groupement d'Intérêt Scientifique (GIS) hosted by Inria and including CNRS, CEA, RENATER, CPU, Institut Mines-Telecom, and CDEFI as other founding members.


Name Institute/Laboratory Role
Frédéric Desprez Inria Director
Lucas Nussbaum Univ. de Lorraine Technical Director

Governing board (Conseil de groupement)

Name Institute/Laboratory Role
François Cuny Inria President, with David Margery as Deputy
Michel Daydé CNRS
Patrick Donath Renater
Christophe Calvin CEA with Jean-Paul Duraud as Deputy
Jean-Marc Pierson CPU with Pierre Sens as Deputy
Brigitte Plateau CDEFI with Yves Denneulin as Deputy
Laurence Le Coq Institut Mines-Telecom with Alexandre Dolgui as Deputy

Executive board (Bureau)

Name Institute/Laboratory Role
Frédéric Desprez Inria Director
Lucas Nussbaum Université de Lorraine, LORIA Technical Director
Adrien Lebre Inria, On leave from Ecole des Mines de Nantes
Jean-François Guezou RENATER Backbone Network
Laurent Lefevre Inria
David Margery Inria
Christian Perez Inria

Architects committee (Comité d'architectes)

Name Institute/Laboratory Role
Adrien Lebre Inria, on leave from Ecole des Mines de Nantes
David Margery Inria
Lucas Nussbaum Université de Lorraine, LORIA Technical Director
Olivier Richard Université Grenoble Alpes, LIG
Pierre Neyron CNRS, LIG Invited member
Simon Delamare CNRS, LIP Invited member

Sites Committee (Comité des responsables de sites)

Name Institute/Laboratory Role
Frédéric Desprez Inria, LIG Scientific Director
Christian Perez Inria, LIP
Jean-Marc Pierson IRIT Chief Scientist Toulouse
Lucas Nussbaum Université de Lorraine, LORIA Chief Scientist Nancy, Technical Director
Anne-Cécile Orgerie CNRS, IRISA Chief Scientist Rennes
Fabrice Huet Université de Nice Chief Scientist Nice-Sophia
Nouredine Melab Inria, LIFL Chief Scientist Lille
Omar Abdelkafi Univ. Lille 1, LIFL Deputy Chief Scientist Lille
Emmanuel Jeannot Inria
Olivier Richard Université Grenoble Alpes, LIG Chief Scientist Grenoble
Laurent Lefevre Inria, LIP Chief Scientist Lyon
Frédéric Loui RENATER Grid'5000 Network
Adrien Lebre Inria, on leave from Ecole des Mines de Nantes Chief scientist Nantes
David Margery Inria
Pierre Neyron CNRS, LIG Deputy Chief Scientist Grenoble, Open Access program
Sébastien Varette University of Luxembourg Chief scientist Luxembourg
Christophe Cerisara CNRS Representing users of the production partition

Science Advisory Board (Conseil Scientifique)

Name Institute/Laboratory
Henri Bal Vrije Universiteit, Netherlands
Vincent Breton CNRS, France
André Brinkmann Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, Germany
Marco Danelutto Univ. Pisa, Italy
Wu-chun Feng Virgina Tech, USA
Kate Keahey Argonne National Lab, USA
Pierre Kuonen University of Applied Sciences of Fribourg, Switzerland
Domenico Laforenza CNR, Italy
Manish Parashar Rutgers University, USA

Technical team (Équipe Technique)

Name Status Role
Lucas Nussbaum MCF Université de Lorraine (LORIA)* Technical director, steering
Simon Delamare IR CNRS (LIP)* Head of support staff, steering
Pascal Morillon IE Université de Rennes 1* Support staff, steering
Dimitri Delabroye IC Inria Support staff
Sebastien Philippot IJD Inria Support staff
Clément Parisot Ingénieur Université Luxembourg* Support staff
Jonathan Pastor Ingénieur École des Mines de Nantes* Support staff
David Loup IJD Inria Support staff
Adrien Courbet IJD Inria Support staff
Teddy Valette Apprenti Inria* Support staff
Frédéric Saint-Marcel IR Inria* Support staff
Pierre Neyron IR CNRS (LIG)* Dev staff, steering
Alexandre Merlin IC Inria* Dev staff
Olivier Demengeon IE Inria* Dev staff
Albin Petit IC Inria Dev staff
Patrice Ringot CNRS Support staff
David Margery IR Inria* Europe, steering

(*: means part time activity, IJDL: CDD ingénieur jeune diplômé, IC: CDD ingénieur confirmé)

Former contributors to Grid'5000 are listed on this page.