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Please register to practical sessions using the dedicated site.

List of practical sessions

Title Contents Schedule Teacher
First steps on Grid'5000 Learn to understand the tools and Grid'5000 so you can start working.
Ressource allocation with OAR and OARGRID Learn to use OAR and OARGRID Romain Cavagna
Customizing Grid'5000 with kadeploy Learn to use Kadeploy3 Rémi Palancher
Discovering Grid'5000's API API main practical: Reference API, Monitoring API, Submission API and deployment API Cyril Rohr
Metrology API howto Learn to activte metrics, extract them from the metrology API, save them, analyse them, and learn to add new metrics Cyril Rohr
Metroflux and Kavlan: Mastering Grid'5000's network Usage of Metroflux to analyse network flow and Kavlan to isolate your experiment form others on the same site Nicolas Niclausse and Armel Soro
Programming with MPI A quick hands-on introduction to MPI, for the programmer Emmanuel Jeannot
Running MPI on Grid'5000 All you need to know about the specifics of running MPI on Grid'5000 : interaction with OAR, private routable networks, high performance networks Nicolas Niclausse
deploying virtual machines on Grid'5000 Learn to boot an hypervisor on nodes (Xen), and Grid'5000's environnent for virtual machines Philippe Robert
Analyse et présentation de résultats d'expériences Learn to use dedicated program to analyse and present the data coming form running your experiment L.C. Canon et E. Jeannot
Put some Green in your Grid5000 experiments ! User contributed Marcos Dias de Assuncao, Laurent Lefevre, Olivier Mornard and Anne-Cécile Orgerie
HIPerNet: virtual infrastructure as a service User contributed Romaric Guillier, Fabienne Anhalt, Guilherme Koslovski and Pascale Vicat-Blanc Primet
Running Hadoop on Grid'5000 User contributed Vinicius V. Cogo, Marcelo Pasin and Andrea S. Charão
Demo session session : from iso to kadeploy environment Learn to boot an iso on a node, install an OS and save it for Kadeploy3 Pascal Morillon

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