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Note.png Note

This page is actively maintained by the Grid'5000 team. If you encounter problems, please report them (see the Support page). Additionally, as it is a wiki page, you are free to make minor corrections yourself if needed. If you would like to suggest a more fundamental change, please contact the Grid'5000 team.

This service provides large storage spaces, possibly shared between multiple Grid'5000 users. Those storage spaces are accessible on Grid'5000 over NFS.

For smaller storage space (under 200GB, maybe more depending on each site's possibilities and on the duration of the need of data space over 200 GB), asking for a quota extension for your home may be a better solution if you do not need to share data between users.

Remind that Grid'5000 does NOT have a BACKUP service for storage it provides: it is your responsibility to save important data outside Grid'5000 (or at least to copy data to several Grid'5000 sites in order to increase redundancy).

Using an existing storage space

You must be member of the group associated to storage space to access it. Contact the storage space owner to request an access.

Once you have been authorized, the storage space is available from nodes and frontends at:

node:cd /srv/storage/storage_name@server_address

Note.png Note

Autofs is used to remotely mount storage. So they are automatically mounted when accessed. The file systems are then automatically unmounted after a period of inactivity. That's why you may not see the directory when doing ls /srv/storage, you have to access it before with cd /srv/storage/my-storage@server for autofs to mount it.

Note.png Note

By default, the storage is created with some specific rights and ACLs:

  • s on group permission: New files will be created with the same group as the parent directory
  • sticky bit (t): Prevent deletion of file not owned.
  • g::rwx: ACL: Sub-directory will be create with 'rwx' access rights for group, you can check the ACLs with the getfacl command

For example:

node:cd /srv/storage/

We strongly advise you to add a symbolic link to this path in your home for convenience :

node:ln -s /srv/storage/ ~/my_storage

Warning.png Warning

This will only work from the frontends or from a node with nfs,big or std environment. Otherwise, you will need to use the storage API to enable access to the storage space. Contact the Grid'5000 team if needed.

Request a new storage group

To request a new storage space, please send an email to Please copy/paste the following text and fill all the required information

  • Email subject:
Group storage creation
  • Email content:
 What is your Grid'5000 login ?
 What name do you want for your storage space ? (only lowercase letters and numbers are allowed)
 On which site do you want the storage space ? You can also specify the server.
 What is the name of the group you want to be link with this storage space ? (must start by "sto-", only lowercase letters, numbers and hyphen (-) allowed)
 Does the group already exists (from another storage space) ?
 What size do you require for the storage space?
 XXX GBytes/TBytes
 What is the intended usage, in a few lines ?
 What is the expiration date (We will contact you before removing your storage) ?

The Grid'5000 team will create the storage space, and if the group is new, will create and set you as an owner of the group.

Available servers for storage spaces

Site Server Name Size Link Speed Notes
Grenoble 55.0 TB 50 Gbps
Lille 90.0 TB 50 Gbps
Lille 90.0 TB 50 Gbps
Luxembourg 40.0 TB 20 Gbps
Lyon 75.0 TB 10 Gbps
Nancy 200.0 TB 10 Gbps
Rennes 100.0 TB 10 Gbps
Sophia 30.0 TB 1 Gbps
Last generated from the Grid'5000 Reference API on 2021-01-18 (commit 154002d98)

Asking for storage extension

You can also contact the Grid'5000 team to get more space or to extend the expiration date of your storage. Just send a mail to with Group storage extension as subject and include the name of your storage, what extension do you need and why do you need it.

Managing the group of users allowed to access the storage in UMS

Note.png Note

Groups have owners, delegates and members. Owners and delegates have basically the same access rights with respect to membership management, but managing the group's meta-data such as its description is reserved to owners. You must be a member to be able to access the storage. An owner/delegate is NOT automatically added as a member.

Note.png Note

You may have to wait up to 15 minutes after your mail is answered by the Grid'5000 team for the changes to take effect.

As a manager

Accept a request

Under the Groups tab at the bottom of the page you will find the pending request. You can accept the request and specify if the user should also be a owner or a delegate

Add a user to a group

Under the Groups tab, you can see the list of groups you can manage and add user to them. You can also add new owner and delegate

As a user

You can request to join an existing group storage via the Groups tab under My Account.

Click on Join a new group and specify the group starting with sto, the motivation and date limit.