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screen is a screen manager with VT100/ANSI terminal emulation. It is the older brother of tmux, which shares quite the same concepts.


  • Start a screen session (creates a single window with a shell in it):
  • OR start a linux command in a screen session:
screen <linux command>
  • Invoke a screen control command (it consists of a "Ctrl + a" followed by one other character):
C-a <command_char>

Basics screen commands are :

C-a C-c : Create a new window with a shell and switch to that window.
C-a "   : Present a list of all windows for selection.
C-a A   : Allow  the  user to enter a name for the current window.
C-a C-k : Kill current window

Further options are available in the man pages.

  • Detach from this screen terminal (program continues to run when its associated screen session is detached):
C-a d : Detach screen from this terminal.
  • Reattach a session (brings foreground a previously detached session):
screen -r
  • Invoke a screen customization command (used to set options):
C-a : <customization_command>
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See the man of screen for more information and other capabilities of screen. See also tmux