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The electrical power consumption of the yeti, troll, and servan clusters in Grenoble is measured by wattmetre devices from Omegawatt (same as nodes in Lyon or Nancy).
  • 50 measurements per second are recorded for every power supply unit of those clusters' nodes.
  • Each troll node has a single power supply unit (PSU)
  • Each yeti node and each servan node have redundant power supply units.
  • yeti and troll are monitored by the device named wattmetre-1, servan is measured by the device named wattmetre-2.
Note.png Note

Until 2022-09-01, the power consumption of the dahu cluster was also measured, although not available in kwollect (because measured by groups of 4 nodes). Dahu nodes aren't measured anymore due to hardware issues with the wattmetres (see the former version of this page for more information on the dahu measures).