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Overview of Ethernet network topology


Network devices models

  • gw: ExtremeNetworks

More details (including address ranges are available from the Grid5000:Network page.

Omni-Path Topology

Nodes of the dahu, yeti and lama clusters are connected to Omni-Path switches (Intel Omni-Path 100Gbps), beside the Ethernet network.

This Omni-Path network interconnects both the Grid'5000 Grenoble nodes and the nodes of the HPC Center of Université Grenoble Alpes (Gricad mésocentre).

The topology used is a fat tree with a 2:1 blocking factor:

  • 2 top switchs
  • 6 leaves: switchs with 32 downlinks to nodes and 8 uplinks to each of the two top switches (48 ports total)

All 32 dahu nodes are connected to a same leaf. The 4 yeti nodes are connected to another leaf. TBC for lama.

Other ports are used by nodes of the HPC center of UGA.


A generated topology (using the output of opareports -o topology :


IP Range

  • Computing :
  • Omni-Path :
  • Virtual :