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See also: Hardware description for Luxembourg

Overview of Ethernet network topology


Network devices models

  • gw: cisco WS-C6506-E
  • mxl1: Force10 MXL
  • mxl2: Force10 MXL
  • ul-grid5000-sw02: cisco N5K-C5020P-BF

More details (including address ranges) are available from the Grid5000:Network page.

General overview

Cluster Lux5000.png

PDF version: Cluster Lux5000.pdf

Network Architecture

The Luxembourg site is built over two central network components:

  • A Core Layer 2 / 3 switch of type Cisco Catalyst 6506E, including one single supervisor (VS-S720-10G) and two line Gigabit copper cards (WS-X6748-GE-TX). This Switch is connecting :
    • the 38 computing Nodes in 1GbE mode to the prod VLAN
    • the 38 computing Nodes in 1GbE mode to the admin VLAN
    • the NFS server (in both prod and admin VLAN)
    • the Adminfront server (in prod, admin, and nat VLAN)
    • the Renater backbone (VLAN 550)
  • A server farm of type Cisco Nexus 5020, responsible for connecting the 22 granduc nodes in 10GbE mode

Connectivity to GRID5000

The connectivity to GRID 5000 is operated by the RESTENA foundation (for the Luxembourgian side) in collaboration with Renater. The dedicated Grid5000 line has been propagated from Nancy toward Luxembourg (see Global network map) via Esch/Alzette.