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See also: Hardware description for Rennes

Overview of Ethernet network topology


Network devices models

  • bigdata-sw: Force10 S4810
  • c6509: Cisco WS-C6509-E
  • gw: Aruba 8325-48Y8C
  • parasilo-sw-1: Nexus 56128P
  • paravance-sw-1: Nexus 56128P
  • paravance-sw-2: Nexus 56128P
  • sw-1-c003: S4128F-ON
  • sw-1: Aruba 8325-48Y8C
  • sw-adm-1: Aruba 6300M
  • swcore-01-rba: WS-C6509-E
  • swdc-a035-01-02-rba: Nexus 5596
  • swdc-c003-01-02-rba: Nexus 5596

More details (including address ranges) are available from the Grid5000:Network page.

More details about the network topology (deprecated)

Rennes experiment network.png

  • Our network connectivity is provided by a single switch: a Cisco 6509. It provides us with a gigabit ethernet connection to each cluster node, a 10G uplink to Renater and a Gigabit uplink to the IRISA Network (used for DNS/NTP access, and connection to satellite sites).

Node names

  • Compute nodes must be reserved before use with OAR on


Compute Nodes Alias

Primary interface

Secondary interface (kavlan only)

Third interface (kavlan only)

Dell Poweredge R630 paravance-{1..72} paravance-{1..72} paravance-{1..72}-eth1-kavlan-*
Dell Poweredge R630 parasilo-{1..28} parasilo-{1..28} parasilo-{1..28}-eth1-kavlan-*
Dell Poweredge C6220 paranoia-{1..8} paranoia-{1..8} paranoia-{1..8}-eth1-kavlan-* paranoia-{1..8}-eth2-kavlan-*
HP Proliant parapluie-{1..40} parapluie-{1..40}
Sun Microsystem parapide-{1..25} parapide-{1..25}

High Performance Networks

20G Infiniband 4x QDR (parapide, parapluie)


  • parapide-1 to parapide-25 have a 20G Infiniband 4x DDR (ConnectX) card.
  • parapluie-1 to parapluie-40 have a 20G Infiniband 4x DDR (ConnectX) card.
  • sources path : /usr/local/src/OFED-1.5
  • OAR property : ib=MT25418.
  • IP over IB addressing : parapide-[1..25] ( à
  • IP over IB addressing : parapluie-[1..40] ( à

Voltaire Switch ISR2012-056c

  • Gateway :
  • Hardware :
L:ISR2012-056c# version show
version: 5.4.0
date:    Mar 19 2009 02:47:23 PM
build Id:958
L:ISR2012-056c# front show 
Device: HW Version: B02; Serial Number: CN2309001330
sFB-2012 #1: Temperature: 32C; HW Version: A05; Serial Number: CN1409000632
sFB-2012 #2: Temperature: 31C; HW Version: A05; Serial Number: CN1409000631
sFB-2012 #3: Temperature: 30C; HW Version: A05; Serial Number: CN1409000634
sFB-2012 #4: Temperature: 34C; HW Version: A05; Serial Number: CN1409000630
sMB: Temperature: 28C; HW Version: E01; Serial Number: CN2309001258
sFU-8: Temperature: 24C
sFU-4: Temperature: 22C
L:ISR2012-056c# rear show
sLB-2024 #1: Temperature: 32C; HW Version: A03; Serial Number: CN1409000554
sRB-20210G #2: Temperature: 35C; HW Version: B00; Serial Number: CN2709001005
sLB-2024 #3: Temperature: 28C; HW Version: A04; Serial Number: CN0610001939